Monday, July 21, 2008


Sorry it's been a while. It's been hard to gather all my thoughts together from the past week so that I can share them with you. I'm still not sure that everything is up there ready to be down here, so I might be adding some afterthoughts in the next few days. Anyway, here we go . . .

First off, it was awesome to see some familiar faces. Before last Sunday, the only people I'd seen from life before CrossRoads were Eric and Jennifer, and that was only for a few hours. Being able to spend a week with people who brought DCC with them was a definite refresher. It was especially good to see some of the young men that I've been able to influence over the past few years, and it was also good to see some of the people who have influenced me. Without them, I'm not sure I'd be able to get through these last three weeks without getting incredibly homesick.

Over the past week I've been able to develop a pretty good relationship with this guy named IMER. He's a box truck. He carries all our tools and equipment and stuff. IMER's a beast. At first I was nervous about driving him, but now I'm totally comfortable. He handles very nicely for being a 1990 Ford. Cruisin' in IMER is luxurious. He's like the Porsche of moving trucks. Or maybe like the Hyundai. I don't know.

I learned a lot about homelessness last week, but I'm waiting to do a big monster post on that subject once the internship is over. Be looking for that in mid-August or so.

A crazy thing is happening. I'm learning that I'm actually a pretty good leader. Like not a bad one. Like kinda decent. I guess the biggest thing in my way before was actually gaining a position of leadership. That's the hard part. Now that I have gained that position, and people assume I know what I'm talking about, it's very easy to tell them what to do. Not that I'm abusing my newfound power or anything. Also, I'm not horrible at public speaking, as long as I'm prepared. Surprising, eh?

I also learned that it's very hard to go from throwing regular frisbees to throwing disc golf frisbees. Two and a half weeks ago, I was awesome at disc golf. After a few games of ultimate frisbee in Maytown and an hour or two of catch last week, I'm horrible at disc golf.

So on Saturday night I went to Red Robin and had the 5 alarm burger (pepperjack cheese, jalepenos, chipotle mayo, and salsa), which was spectacular. Then today on the news they said that salmonella was found on jalepeno peppers. Uh-oh.

After Red Robin, we went to see The Dark Knight, and wow. Wow.


Jonathan said...

Don't you mean IMER is a bist?

Ben said...

So I think we need to get that pencil trick down the Joker does, we can do it at Christmas for fun. I'll be the joker though, cause I'm taller.