Sunday, August 3, 2008

whew . . .

Our last group left yesterday morning. They were a good group. I had the chance to lead six high school guys all week long reassembling a playground at an inner-city church in the community of Portland. It was tough, but we got it almost done. Just a few little things to finish up. But it was a great week, and I was exhausted. It's not easy to function on less than six hours of sleep each night. It's rough. I did get to go to the Louisville Slugger Museum on Friday, which was sweet. I never could have lived with myself if I'd spent an entire summer in Louisville and never gone. So now the summer's complete. Almost.

This next week we'll be wrapping everything up. Finishing projects, cleaning out the vehicles, and all that. My internship officially ends on Saturday after we help out at a Touched Twice Clinic at South Louisville Christian Church, the church that housed us and our groups. Then it's almost two weeks at home, a few days on vacation in Gatlinburg, and back to school.

I can't wait to see my buds. One of the biggest challenges this summer was being away from the brothers that God has placed in my life, from church and from high school and from college. I can't wait to just be with them again. To just hang out and all that. You know.

It's gonna be good to get back to normal life. To get away from the pressure and responsibility of this internship. Don't get me wrong - it's been fun and I've learned a lot - but it's demanding, and it'll be good to be finished. It'll be good to be a teenager again.

One major thing that God has taught me this summer is that I've underestimated my leadership abilities. I think it's mostly because I've never really been in a position of leadership like this before. I've never had to help six high schoolers build a playground before. But this internship has sort of thrust me into that position. Before this summer, I would have told you that leading by example or by serving were the only ways that I could influence people. But that's not true anymore, I don't think. I've realized that I can do more.

Mmmmmmmmm . . . it's almost bedtime.

So I'll be back in Ohio in six days. I can't wait to get out of Kentucky. Ohio's where the party is.